Who and what we are here, well first off, my name is Pamela MacIver, am a mother of two teenagers, two not so lapsized lapdogs (Catahoula leopard dog, and a basset mutt mix) , and a wife to a rough around the edges husband who worships me ūüėČ I am also a customer service manager full time (and then some).¬†

After walking through multiple craft stores selling wreathes, bows, crafts, centerpieces, and various arts and seeing the extraordinary price tags on them I decided that I could do that, and sell them for far cheaper to my local community. Hobby Lobby sells a 12 inch wreath for $56 in my Temple Texas store. So I took a trip to Michaels craft store, and found it for almost $60 there, and so on at other various shops, I found that way over priced. I promptly sourced the materials for 5 wreathes and spent 3 full days creating my first custom wreathes. I created them originally as a hobby and to decorate my office at work with some much needed color, but rapidly found that as people walked by they would ask where I purchased the 2 I had on display. I told them all the same thing, I had made them over the holiday weekend and was just adding some color to the office. I immediately was offered $75 for the 14 inch wreath on my door, and was asked if I could create another one for a wedding gift. So now, I had not only my 1st sale, but a second as well for something I just wanted to do for my own enjoyment! So after work I went to the shop and got the materials needed to make the wedding present, busted butt and got it done before the weekend and had it in the hands of my customer promptly Friday morning in our breakroom. Then my plan for a hobby went off the rails, I was in the breakroom, and suddenly I had NINE requests for custom wreaths NINE!, so now, I am explaining sure I will make them in the colors requested but these take time to create. One slightly over caffeinated yelled out I need one by Sunday, and I am willing to pay to rush it! So we sit down and hash out how long it takes to create these and when everyone would need theirs, and colors and sizes and oh my! Suddenly I have a second full time job, which my husband found hilarious because this was to relax me Рso he made a snarky comment saying why not start a shop. So I did. I found a creative talent that I didnt know I had, and over a three month period sold over 60 different wreaths, 11 centerpieces and a bakers dozen of my Angels. So I spoke with my husband about a webstore to try out the local market since these are difficult and expensive to ship, selling online to local areas with free delivery if it is within an hours drive. Now the website is slowly developing and selling at a sustainable pace, and here I am! Excited, scared, and loving it! Here are my sleepy furbabies!