Richard Hudson

Keynote Speaker and Adventurer

Add spice to your life with adventure



As a child, I had really bad asthma, which took me to the hospital frequently and mostly confined me indoors. I read a lot. I dreamed of travel and adventure, especially, to far-away, difficult places like the far north and south. These dreams seemed far away–I didn’t travel, I didn’t go on adventures, I stayed inside, only wishing. When I was a teenager, asthma medicines greatly improved and, suddenly, I could live a normal life! I’ve been fully living my dreams of travel & adventure, or working towards them, ever since. I have always considered working a necessity to allow me to live the life I choose, not a reason for living. Among my various personal attainments, I’ve lived in five countries and sailed from the Arctic to the Tropics to Antarctica. I have seen the value of sharing these experiences with the people that I meet and I see how many people dream of travel & adventure but get stuck in their lives and don’t go. These are the people I want to inspire—to encourage in taking the first step away from the ordinary to jump in with both feet to live their dreams.


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